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Autisme, Maine Coon, elevage, 95

Come as you are!

For some people with autism the physical contact is a first barrier to be overcome. 

The cat will take the first steps towards a person with a disability. The cat will never be judging; she will find her way within your family and will make no difference whatever how different you are!

We will apply the same feline principle within the Cattery of KawaiCoon. Please, simply come as you are and we will welcome you. Even people without a disability will be welcome.

Animal Mediation

For children and adults with autism, the physical contact with an animal is a factor of progress. Taking care of an animal helps the autistic person to develop his/her sense for responsibility. 


Maine Coon cats are gentle giants and are particularly well-fitted for taking contact with people with autism. Maine Coon cats will softly cross the borders that autistic people are building around them and they will find out their way through the difficulties. Maine Coon cats will be transgressive and will seek to be cuddled by the autistic child. 

When purring the cats will reassure the persons with autism.

Autisme, chat, Maine Coon, Val d'oise, Paris
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