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Chatterie Maine Coon
Maine Coon Cattery

Hobby Breeder of

Maine Coon cats

Located close to Paris, France, our cattery is specialized in breeding Maine Coon cats. We have selected cats from the best breeders in France, Germany, Hungary and Russia. We have a special interest for big cats with very long Lynx Tips. In other words, we love beautiful long ears!

We regularly welcome new litters and we can help organize shipping.  

Our passion for Maine Coon cats started about 4 years ago. We literally felt in love with these giant cats, their feline outlook and their sweet tempter. 

In 2016, we became an official breeder after a training session at the National Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort. Our cattery in officially registered in our local district called "Département du Val d'Oise" (95).

We are a professional breeder in  family-based environment.

We are easily to be reached from Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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In April 2019 we have successfully obtained the certificate PawPeds Level G2. One year ago, we passed the certificate PawPeds level G1. This training on cat breeding is recognized internationally. This training confirms the choice that we made earlier when we created our cattery in 2016. We have started implementing  the knowledge gathered during the training sessions. Please click on the logo on the right of this text to find out more about Pawpeds. 

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